We have inaugurated our new facility!

In an exciting ceremony, we were honored to have our entire board present to inaugurate our offices. Our door is always open, don’t hesitate to drop in!

The front desk of MEDX Xelerator


Dr. David Knapp, VP Corporate Research, Boston Scientific and Jonathan Goldstein, Director, Corporate Research and Ventures, Boston Scientific placing the Mezuza on our front door.


Toasting to our new home (left to right): Dr. David Knapp, Shai Policker, CEO of MEDX Xelerator and Harel Gadot, Chairman of MEDX Xelerator


Dr. Sylvie Luria, CEO of Tel Hashomer Technology Company, enjoying a break between meetings.


The team at work – Edna Lazar, Chief Business Officer


The team at work – Shai Policker, CEO (left) and Simon Sharon, Chief Technology Officer (right)

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