EyeMed Technologies Closes Series A Round North of $5M

Funding will be used to further develop the VaLens™ technology, the first ever to allow postoperative,

non-invasive, multiple lens adjustments following cataract surgery.


Or Yehuda, Israel, November 16, 2023 – EyeMed Technologies has closed an over-subscribed $5M series A round led by a strategic investor. The funding will be used to accelerate EyeMed’s R&D pre-clinical tests and execution of a first-in-human study of the VaLens™.

The VaLens™ is an intra-ocular lens (IOL) in development to enable cataract surgeons to precisely adjust the position and as a result also the power of the lens, non-invasively, in a postoperative and simple treatment following cataract surgery.

“Cataract surgery is the most frequent surgical procedure in medicine today, with about 30M surgeries performed annually. The problem is that a significant number of patients still need glasses or to have additional corrective medical procedures following their lens replacement, which is part of a cataract surgery.   We are developing the VaLens™ to enable the surgeon to adjust the lens position post-surgery, in a non-invasive, simple treatment, in the comfort of the doctor’s office. The patient will have the best visual acuity and glasses off following the procedure,” said Nir Israeli, Chairman & Co-Founder of EyeMed.

EyeMed’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ruth Lapid said, “The VaLens™ is foldable, injectable, and postop adjustable. Currently, we are using highly accessible and affordable system components. The VaLens™ will be used during an in-office visit, as it has a mechanism that can be activated by a simple continuous green laser found in most ophthalmic clinics. Most importantly, it is being designed to empower cataract surgeons to adjust and tailor any post-operative residual refractive error, to the needs of the patient.”

EyeMed Technologies would like to extend its appreciation to Nir Shimoni, its former CEO, who diligently led the company and secured this round of investment.


About EyeMed Technologies

Founded by Vadim Shmukler and Nir Israeli, EyeMed Technologies, a MEDX Xelerator portfolio company, is developing the VaLens™, intended to provide the best vision possible, with “glasses off” for every patient following the implant of a new lens. There are a significant number of cases where, post-Cataract surgery, the patient is left with a refractive error affecting visual acuity.  Today there are solutions for residual refractive errors, however they are either a burden on the patient (whether it is to wear eyeglasses or to settle for a deficient vision) or they require additional surgical procedures with all the associated risks and resources. EyeMed’s innovative solution is aimed to be implanted during every cataract surgery implanting a premium lens and to enable a simple solution to all those patients that need a postoperative adjustment after implantation.


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