Clinical Study Conducted at Medical University of South Carolina Finds Synchrony Medical’s LibAirty™ Airway Clearance System Highly Effective for Chronic Lung Disease Patients

Results presented at #CHEST2023 in Honolulu, Hawaii


Charleston, South Carolina and Or Yehuda, Israel, October 18, 2023 — The results of a clinical study of Synchrony Medical’s LibAirty™ Airway Clearance System showed that the system was twice as effective in clearing mucus from the lungs of patients with chronic lung disease when compared to the standard of care therapy.  The findings were announced in an oral presentation at CHEST2023 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Caption: (L) Synchrony CEO Anat Shani and (R) Dr. Patrick A. Flume, the Medical University of South Carolina


The study, led by Dr. Patrick A. Flume at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), randomized patients to receive two treatments: LibAirty™ and the standard of care in random order. Additionally, participants filled out a satisfaction questionnaire, which reported higher satisfaction scores for the LibAirty™ system.

“This study showed a superior performance by the LibAirty™ system when compared to the main device used today in the US. The system was effective and well tolerated by all subjects, which suggests its potential to enhance clinical outcomes in airway clearance for patients with chronic respiratory disease,” said Dr. Flume.

The results support the findings of a prior study conducted at Sheba Medical Center, which also showed that the LibAirty™ system was more effective than other available systems and equally as effective as treatment by an experienced chest physiotherapist.

“Synchrony’s vision is to improve respiratory therapy for patients living with chronic lung disease by bringing best practice respiratory therapy to their homes. This successful trial paves the way towards marketing clearance and the commercial launch of the LibAirty™ system,” said Synchrony Medical CEO Anat Shani.

Daily airway clearance is essential for millions of patients living with chronic lung disease to prevent respiratory infections and costly hospitalizations. An effective home use device is the best solution for these patients, given the significant shortage in chest physiotherapists.


About The LibAirty™ Airway Clearance System

The LibAirty™ Airway Clearance System is designed to enable patients requiring airway clearance to clear their lungs with an easy-to-use adaptive wearable device. The system is based on proven principles of airway physiology to enhance secretion movement to thoroughly clear even the smallest, most affected, and difficult to clear airways. A recent case study presented at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference demonstrated how the system already saved the life of a patient in a compassionate use case, as she waited for six months for a double organ transplant.


About Synchrony Medical 

Synchrony Medical, a MEDX Xelerator portfolio company, is developing LibAirtyTM, a next generation, home-use, airway clearance system designed to help patients with chronic lung disease maintain clear lungs with a short, daily, proficient treatment.

MEDX Xelerator is a leading medical device and digital health-focused incubator operating under the auspices of the Israel Innovation Authority. Current partners include Boston Scientific, Sheba Medical Center and other investors.


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